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NonferrousContent category Nonferrous Price member
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Price Price types include: product price, price summary, regional price, company quotation, steel plant purchase price, spot price, futures price, international price, port price, import average price, export average price, etc.
Price release cycle: day, week, month, year
AnalysisMarket review, data review, price morning post, price bulletin
NewsIndustry and company news, macroeconomic, policy interpretation
DataData type: resource reserves, production capacity, output, operating rate, inventory, consumption, import and export, economic indicators, etc.
Data region: China, by region, world, by country, port and other data
Systematic, detailed and professional data statistics
Import and exportInclude the import and export data of all products according to HS code, including the import and export situation of the world, China, and customs
Product comprehensive, release continuous and comprehensive
DatabasePrice database
Statistics database
Import and export database
Time period research reportWeekly report
Monthly report

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